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Side effects of chemical hair growth products

The definition of Side effect is:

Problems that occur when treatment goes beyond the desired effect. Or problems that occur in addition to the desired therapeutic effect.

Nowadays some slogans are very popular such as "Natural products without chemical ingredients" and "Not tested on animals". But more and more products appear in the market which are based only on chemical ingredients. Who knows whether  these products have not been tested on animals? Test animals unfortunately cannot complain about the given chemical substances and their side effects . We know little or nothing about their suffering.

Medicines are developed for certain illnesses which caused, with a small percentage of the patients, hair growth as side effect. The producers of these medicines made hair growth products from these medicines. When these medicines cause hair growth as side effect then it is to be assumed that they cause other side effects as well.

Chemical hair growth products can cause one or more of the following side effects:

- Heart palpitation and irregular heart beat 
- Dry skin
- Very low blood pressure 
- Scalp  Irritation 
- Dizziness
- Headache
- Sleeplessness
- With women larger nipples and/or pain behind the nipples
- Fatigue
- Reduced libido
- Erection problem
- Stomach and intestine problems
- Loss of concentration
- Problem with urination
- Abnormal breast increase with women
- Reduction of semen production
- Thinner sperm
- Impotency
- Ejaculation problem
- etc. etc.

In most cases the side effects disappear after a few weeks, as soon as the users  stops with the chemical products. Sometimes the side effects of medicines appear slowly and the user gets accustomed to them. The body indeed offers resistance against the side effects, but it also has its limit. After some time the side effects can cause serious complaints. In such a case other medicines are taken often, which cause other side effects. The user entraps in a vicious circle and which goes deeper and deeper.

The use of chemical products is not to be avoided, especially when there are no natural products available. In case they are available, then they must be given a chance to spare the side effects and the suffering.